For some reason I just stopped blogging. I’m not really sure of why. I think I just got so caught up in life. So much has changed in my life. 

I finally live on my own. I started graduate school and I’m just living a happy life. I stopped therapy a while back because I just felt done. It was just a feeling of relief and needing to start thinking about the present and not the past any longer. 

Therapy was such a draining process, but I reached a point where I didn’t feel like processing anymore. I just want to live a typical 20 year old life- whatever that may be. 

I still do experience bad days but they are few and far between. Sometimes I do miss having that therapy space to just focus on myself. But I think there came a point when I just let go of everything and was able to release some of my pain into the universe to never been seen again.

My alters are still as silly as ever. C is still living her life to the fullest, tasting her way through her silly life. But she’s very interested in the now, and spends time figuring out her the next time she will go rock climbing, eat pho or simply go for a walk in her favorite spots. 

I am so happy that I finally feel okay and comfortable in myself. The many years of therapy with my amazing T prepared me for this part of my life. I was in the shower tonight and I was thinking that I am so lucky. 


One thought on “Graditude 

  1. Just so happy for you! Mazel Tov on life and its living. People always say good luck on school, but really it’s all earned on your accomplishments. So here’s to your past, present and future successes! Enjoy all of you. As ever, Ravin

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