Fall Fade

Fall is fading into winter. I made it through another fall. There were moments this time that made me realize that I have some great people supporting me.

I think that when you have a turbulent past you lose faith in people. It’s easy to forget that there are good people in this world that think, loving and care about me even when I’m unable to do it for myself.

But then the triggering times are over and you can breath again. The paranoia is over, the air seems thinner and you just begin to feel good things again.

During this fall my system shifted. An alter that has been dormant for a long time came out again. It’s a catch 22, this part is very depressed and caused us to harm ourselves resulting in hospitalization. I’m just going slow, trying to work with this alter the best I can.

I go to yoga so I can just breath and help my body relax. I need to collect my thoughts that are scattered. It’s been a long time since I was in this space. But I’m actually okay and in the next step in this healing journey.


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