Survival Mode

I’m trying to compile a list of things that I genuinely enjoy about the fall. Right now the list is pretty short. I’m trying to push past the sounds, numbers and memories.

My inner world goes into survival mode during the fall. The world sounds, looks and feels different. My skin feels unlike my own, I attempt to pull my life together. I try to reach out to my friends but I can only say weird things.

I lay in the grass and look at the sky. I wonder how that another human being decides to torture a person to the point where they splinter. I try to rationalize all my thoughts. I use DBT, radical acceptance, distraction – I use it all. I draw on my skills but I have reached a point of sadness.

I just continually try to forget the date and live my life normally. But I wake up in the middle of the night covered in vomit, waiting for the moment to pass. I breathe in and out, hoping the pain will pass and I can continue my day, just until the next moment hits.


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