The future

I am so busy these days, I don’t blog as much as I used to because I’m out there living. My life has never had this much peace in it ever. I spent so much time working on my past that I didn’t think about the future. It’s goddam bright and calm.

I know what to do during the rough moments. I feel strong and energized. I graduated from college a few weeks ago and it was such an amazing moment. I even got emotional, I was present in my body, wearing a cap and gown with honor cords. I felt proud as I walked across that stage. And the first person I saw was my therapist. She was there soaking in that amazing moment, understanding the magnitude of my accomplishment.

I was on a high from that experience for a few weeks. So now I’m still working a job I love. I’m challenged mentally and physically but still able to be my goofy self along with my students.

Life has finally calmed down enough for me to enjoy everything I have worked so hard for. I hope that everyone who is working through their past gets the kind of relief I currently feel. Always keep fighting for the life that you were supposed to live not the one that invaded your existence.


One thought on “The future

  1. Mazel Tov!
    Congrats on the graduation!
    So wonderful to read your update, glad to hear how busy and engaged you are with life…your own life…the one you worked so hard to have.
    Not the least bit surprised your therapist was there, she is a beautifully unique person!
    Thinking of you always! Ravin et al

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