The unexplainable life

There have been no post on my blog for sometime. The words don’t come easy these days, instead cathartic feelings are expressed.

I have reached this point in my journey where I have the ability to tolerate feelings. Even when the feelings are large, I know they are temporary and I’m not going to fall apart.

I guess I could say that I have a fear of sadness. In the not so far away past, the days were dark and uncertain. The sounds of my own breathing becomes deafening at times, as the loneliness begins to set in.

I am afraid of integration because of the fear of being alone. Everyone will become one, but one is a lonely number. I think that’s a song or something.

I have no idea where this blog post was going but it seems to have no point at all. Time goes on and stops for no one. I’m so very exhausted but I’m not the least bit tired. The unexplainable life that is my own.


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