Mental Games

I work out a lot. I think it’s safe to say that I define myself as an athlete. I push myself. Working out helps me to become mentally strong because the entire thing is a mental game.

Inside my head- I can hear negitive things a voices. Believe it or not, these negitive things are not any of my alters. It’s my insecurities, it’s the voice in my head telling me that “I’m weak”.

I have been spending a lot of time alone lately and working out a lot. One of my favorite instructors said something to me the other day when she saw my body get weak. She told me that “your mind gives out before your muscles do”. I think that is a very true statement and it resonated with me. I get inside my head much of the time.

I lose my way and I feel the heavy load. I feel it when I take deep breaths, it’s somewhat indescribable unless you have experienced it. I’m not saying you need to experience traumatic abuse to understand, anyone who has ever felt like they were not good enough or were made to think they were weak. It’s the voice in the back of your mind, yelling at you saying “your a failure”.

Those words can break you down mentally and make you think that maybe you are weak when your not. The only thing that sometimes helps are positive affirmations. Verbally yelling back at those voices saying “I can”.


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