Belly Button Theory

I have been being very patient with my Mom lately. I have been waiting to speak so I don’t speak out of impulse or frustration.

I have a different relationship with my Mom that is not a parent relationship. When I attempted to have a child parent relationship with my Mom it only caused me to feel more hurt by her inability to meet my needs. I know that my Mom does love me, but considering who her Mother was (one of my abusers) I understand it.

I have been a little stuck on my Mom issues until I realized that I only want a Mom because my umbilical cord. I am biologically attached to my Mom and that is why I have this never ending need for her to be a Mother figure to me. I never understood why no matter how much work I did on my Momma drama it never went away. I realized this the other day in therapy.

The bellybutton theory…


One thought on “Belly Button Theory

  1. I know it is difficult when all you desire is to have that mom/daughter relationship that you see others have. I know for myself I finally had to give up that desire and face that reality that it would never happen. It was difficult realization to face but one that has given me peace and sanity ever since. You have to do what is best for you.

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