Snails and Jaguars

While working with kids with special needs, there was this sentence that constantly resonates with me.

“On their worst day remember them on their best, and on there best day remember them at their worst.”

I think that those words can also apply to my own journey. I think sometimes on the worst days I forget at the best days. I had a rough day last week – I ended up having to go to the emergency room. I think that it scared me a little, I realized the severity of this journey. I understood why my T pushes me to stay at snails pace when I pull at jaguar speeds.

I am supposed to be done with school in December but now I’m reevaluating. I think that my life needs to go slower. I’m not used to doing things at a slow pace but this experience caused me to stop and think that maybe I can’t do everything all at once.


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