Spirited little people

There are things in life that people simply take for granted. The most basic things that sustain our lives and our bodies.

Recently a new alter emerged and this alter holds memories of our most basic need being unmet. I think that there are times, I forget that I survived acts of dehumanization that are so cruel that most people can not fathom their existence.

Sometimes I actually think about the seriousness of it all and I realize that despite it all, I’m okay. I have little people who helped me get through the dehumanizing acts and they are in no way non-human. In fact, it is quite the contrary. Even though, the little people inside my mind acted as a buffer, each one of them has a spirit and a love that is unexplainable. Everything was preserved and my little people are some pretty mentally strong dudes.

Yesterday, my therapist was talking to C, (and if you don’t know C is the silliest, funniest little person I have met thus far). She remarked at the fact that little C has learned so much about my world and how to be a part of it in her own way. C is a confident that she’s a brilliant little person which is something that I lack.

But each and everyone of my little people give me something that allows me to see that the human spirt can never be broken. I think for sometime I couldn’t see the beauty of my little people because I was fixated of the fact that I may be going crazy. However, my little people helped me stay sane. For everything that I am and will become I know that I couldn’t have never gotten anywhere without my little people.


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