Therapy Workout

I had a few weeks off from therapy recently. I never can feel that I need a break before the break occurs. I used to become very apprehensive about not seeing my therapist because I was afraid that she would never come back.

I have burned out a few therapists that I worked with before my previous one. When I was extremely symptomatic my flashbacks were quite intense and could last hours.

But that was 5 years ago and I have grown very much as a person. In the same respect my system has grown and developed and learned to trust that a few weeks without my therapist doesn’t mean the world is over.

It is quite the contrary to them now, a break from therapy now means that they get to do more things in the week. The time spent driving to therapy, experiencing the session, pulling it together, and driving home takes a huge chunk of my day.

Therapy recently has been pretty intense and I felt that I was getting a little burned out. The amount of physical and mental energy is like nothing I have ever done. If I workout for three hours it is still not equivalent to a therapy session. I guess that escaping from your body takes a lot energy.

I have a pretty good few weeks without therapy. But I’m looking forward to getting back into it this coming week.


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