Moments Along The Journey

There are experiences that can change your life, both good and bad. I have had my share of bad experiences that changed my life. But that is the past and I know that I’m doing a great job along this journey.

I think sometimes I get so burned out. I sometimes underestimate the true strength that this work takes. I minimize because it helps me to maintain my tough exterior that many people who me as.

I recently started doing my clinical experience in the field working with children severely affected by autism. I find myself loving every moment of the time spent with the child I work with. Even though he has a very limited vocabulary he has such an amazing and lovable personality. This child is brilliant and he has taught me to be thankful for the simple things. I am so thankful that I can write my name and that I have the ability to communicate.

I think that this child came into my life for a reason. He reminded me that no matter how difficult your journey is it is always worth experiencing and making the best of your situation is all that you can do.

I think that this year I have grown a lot as a person. I think that I am finally getting mentally healthy and it’s refreshing to finally be experiencing life. I am not just a multiple, I’m also an honor student, and an athlete. I think that my life has purpose and everyday I wake up realizing that I was meant to stay alive.


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