What DID is to me

I have heard that there are many different kinds of friends. I think being a multiple makes that statement even more true.

I have a few friends who know about my internal world which is awesome. But most of my friends have no idea I have little people inside my mind. I doubt that people even question whether or not I even have a mental illness.

Most of the time I’m a happy easy going person. I have child like qualities that separate me from many but it truly makes me who I am. I have silly little people inside my mind that spend their time out in my world coloring, kissing fish tanks, reading books about dinosaurs and just enjoying a simplistic existence.

Yesterday I had a rough day, three hours of intense therapy and a long day of classes and the gym. Recently when I have these days I say an affirmation before I go to sleep and when I wake up. It helps me a lot and I think it allows me to reframe everything.

Today I had a chance to hang out with a friend who has no clue about my multiplicity. But I think that even if I told her she wouldn’t think of me differently but I enjoying being non serious with her too much to ruin that right now. I think she’s one of those people who don’t need to know I’m multiple. She’s not around me a whole lot which is good so I can’t shield her from days when I feel bad.

Whenever I tell friends about my multiplicity I have to allow them to ask questions because I think that is just natural. I want to change the way people think about DID because its not like what is portrayed in the movies. DID is just me, it’s just my adorable little people inside my mind enjoying the simple things in my life. Being a multiple for me is about finding lip marks on fish tank, sugary cereal on my floor and sweet little drawing of dinosaurs.


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