My alters are cooler than I

I think there is something so special about many of the relationships that I have gained from my truth. I have a friend who is also a multiple that I connected with through blogging. Her and I talk almost everyday. I think that there is a very humorous side to life as a multiple.

If you really think about it, it’s basically a bunch of people who do not always understand the world. Alters are un-censored and talk without filtration. I have some very funny conversations with my alters basically I’m conversing with myself. the difference between only’s and multiples is that my alters talk back and have opinions. My alters don’t always understand the reasons why I do not allow them to lick my friends hand.

I have a multitude of lists for my alters to help them navigate the world. I am at the point now where I have to let my alters explore the world a little. I think that is the definition of trust. I am trusting these little people frozen in time. These little people that think cat-scan machines are spaceships and that cereal is the most exciting food in the entire world.

I wish I could share my alters funny and random-ness with more people in the world. I think my alters are cooler than I am- even if I did decide to integrate I would never be as cool as my alters. One of my alters B is extremely good at climbing trees- I think that she may be part monkey. My little buddy C navigates youtube like a champion, watching videos about dinosaurs every chance he can get. My other alter D creates really funny sentences by putting words together that she finds in the dictionary. Two of my alters have actually read the dictionary in its entirety. Needless to say I lost a lot of time when they decided to read the dictionary together.

There came a point in my life that I stopped fighting myself. I let my guard down, I trusted my little people inside and with that trust I gained something that I never imagined- I began to heal. The hate I had for my alters began to fade and it was replaced by unconditional love. I never know that something as that existed- to love a person even if they make mistakes and lick someone’s hand because they think its a way to communicate friendship. I think that as my alters knowledge of the would began to grow I began to develop the ability to love.

Somedays I do get frustrated with my little people especially when I have to repeat more then one time that licking other people is weird. The whole licking concept has been a constant battle for about 3 years now. Currently the alter who participates in this behavior has a behavior modification chart AKA a star chart. When the alter gets a certain amount of stars then they get one thing that they want- bribery equals awesome.

Embracing my alters changed my life for the better as well as making my everyday life more entertaining.


2 thoughts on “My alters are cooler than I

  1. Hi,

    I definitely have to agree in my own life, they certainly keep me entertained and happy. It is a wonderful progression of healing and love and acceptance that you write about. I think you are doing a magical and wonderful thing.

    Good and healing thoughts to you.


  2. I found the same thing to be true.
    The day I accepted and embraced my own alters, was the day my healing really took a huge leap!
    From one who is as integrated as it gets (for me at least), their “coolness” never leaves. :) It will be with you always.
    For me, there was no loss in integration. There was only gain. Parts heal, the system heals, and it does get better.

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