Just A Memory

Eyes become blurry. The world become pixelated and objects are neither far nor near. Sounds from the world quiet and instantaneously static fills the space between my ears. The warm floor becomes cold and then slowly fades to non-existent.

All the senses are effected while the mind takes hold of the memories. The child like cries silenced are filled with fear. The body goes into shock, self protection gears go into high- a child like body shakes. The anticipation of what is about to follow overloads the brain.

Memories of the past exhaust the body. Muscles become tense, stiff and there is a distinct inexplicit sound of indescribable pain. The wrenching begins due to the pure adrenaline that is rushing through the veins.

Breathing becomes shallow and at times, difficult. Rhythmic gasps for air continue on until tears flow from fear filled eyes.

The body takes on a lifeless state- possibly due to the homicide of the soul. Just when it may feel like it is no longer tolerable to inhabit the body….

The eyes become more focused, the cold floor fades away revealing carpet. The static dissipates and there is a calm voice assisting me to acclimate to the present world. Objects become closer and the room morphs back.

Feeling rough carpet against fingertips is comforting and slowly all senses connect back to the present. As vision returns, I am able to glance around the room. Instantly I come to the realization that it is just a memory.


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