Attachment of the heart

Being attached to people is something new. My newest alter is so attached to my T because she is the only other outside person who this alter has ever interacted with. I often wonder what life would be like if I only knew the world from inside of my therapist office.

I guess I do understand why my alter is so attached and I think it’s possibly a good thing. There is no other way to put this but my alter is violent and has the capability to harm others. I have control over this alter now but I know that my alter fantasizes about harming my T.

I understand that my alter fantasizing about harming my T is actually a good thing. In the twisted opposite world of the cult wanting to harm them is flattering. Within the context of everything, everything makes sense.

My alter is very attached to my T because she continually try’s to stay in my world because my T told her that is where she lives.

I have recently established loose co-consciousness with this alter and when we are helping her switch I can hear her ask my T if she can stay with her forever. My T explains to her that we both have lives to live so we stay together in our hearts. I’m not sure if this alter understands what that means because she asked my T which ventricle she hides in :)

This is progress in disguise.


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