Delusions or Brilliance

Lately I have been doing a ton of think about the mind body connection of DID. I have been sick a lot lately I guess within the past 3 months.

But when I get sick recently it’s more intense than usually. I may be exposed so some mutant germs but I think that there is a correlation between DID and my immune system.

My majority of my alters are 10 and under right now. Some are older but most are young. Ever since I started doing deep work in therapy, when I get sick it’s very similar to how a young child under 10 gets sick.

Allow me to further explain. I haven’t had a fever in years- I never used to get sick because my body was extremely numb. But now that I am present and experiencing myself in my own skin I get sick a whole lot more.

I think that my immune system acts as one in a small child. I often wonder what my internal organs look like in regards to an average adult. My alters are frozen in time, but I wonder if that means my internal systems in my body work differently.

I don’t know how I would figure this phenomena out but I just felt like I should state my brilliant thought that I thought was brilliant as I was sitting in the emergency room while I had a body temperature of 103. I never realized the random things one thinks when your body temperature is high. Delusions of brilliance you decide.


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