Numbers are alining. And alters assume that they need to preform particular tasks. These tasks aren’t needed in my life right now.

There once was a time and a place for their tasks on days when the numbers aligned. But not today. Today just so happens to be the 11th day in the 11th month- nothing more to the average human.

I wish I could say that today that I’m an average human. Most of the time I am an average human but days when numbers align- I go into survival mode. I need to be cognizant of losing time because my alters are confused.

My abusers confused my sweet little alters into thinking that they need to do unsafe things. These unsafe things don’t belong in our average life as a human. Nonetheless, today I remind my alters that we are supposed to stay on the earth with the rest of the average humans.

I am not even going to say “I wish”, that my alters knew that they don’t need to do unsafe things because its not their fault- it’s not our fault. And I’m so thankful that I can finally say that and believe it.

Today, I go back to the basics with my sweet little alters- safety and patience.


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