I saw some people dressed up in costumes tonight. I wasn’t expecting to see it so early before Halloween but I guess today is the start of the festivities.

I saw some people wear cultic clothing. But I often wonder if people who dress up like people in a cult really understand the severity of abuse that occurs. I don’t think that they would be able to comprehend the tortuous behavior that happens when the sun sets.

I think if people really knew about the cult experience of Halloween they probably wouldn’t define it as a holiday. Nothing about being trapped in a cult deserves celebrating.

I know that there are still people who are still trapped in cults, at this very moment and they are most likely going to get hurt terribly, as Wednesday slowly approaches. I feel a deep sadness for those innocent souls, many people never escape life in the cult.

There are many haunted attractions that people pay money. People pay for someone else to scare them- and the adrenal rush.

Many cult survivors adrenal rush manifests itself in the form of complex- PTSD which they get free. Instead they spend thousands of dollars and dedicate years of their lives to therapy so they could attempt be a functional member of society.

I wish society knew what occurs in cults. Cults are real and tons of lives have been altered because of them. In some ways, society does acknowledge the existence of cults but they call them horror movies but that is life for so many.


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