Overcoming Feelings

I knew that the day would come when I truly connected to the severity of my past. The day was yesterday and today. The sadness was overwhelming and I was able to feel it and acknowledge that I have finally got to this point where I can feel feelings.

There once was a world for me that I couldn’t feel anything. I was so detached from my feelings that I lived a lifeless life. I have learned through this journey that feelings make us humans. If you feel something, you can connect with it and then slowly but surely, overcome what you are connecting to and that is what I want. I want to overcome all that I have experienced because there is a better world out there for me. I know it exists because I have felt it and I experience it almost everyday.


One thought on “Overcoming Feelings

  1. That’s a very powerful thought and one I can relate to. I’m happy you’ve reached this point because you’re right, you can slowly now overcome what you are connecting to. It’s a long journey, one I’m still on, so take care. Keep moving forward.

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