Dinosaurs and M&M’s

Communication is one of the most important things in my current life. I communicate both internally and externally. I recently realized that most people meaning only’s also communicate internally to some extent. I don’t know if only’s have long in-depth conversations about dinosaurs or m&m’s but I think that we may have more similarities than I previously thought.

I am taking a gender & mental health seminar and we were talking about the many ways that people communicate. I was fascinated to learn that people talk to themselves internally quite a bit throughout the course of their day. I guess one could classify it more as self talk, sometimes it’s positive but most of the time it’s negative. I had no idea that only’s did that kind of thing.

Currently my communication skills are the best they have ever been but not the best they will ever be. This isn’t me being hard on myself, I just know that I can always improve my skills as I grow and learn throughout my life.

Consequently as I am learning a ton about how others- only’s are communicating, my alter C is learning a new way to communicate. Apparently she has developed a new hobby of teaching herself sign language. I don’t have a ton of time right now so when I let my alters come out and have chill time, I give them a set amount of time and I just take a break from the world. For people that don’t know what that means I basically go far back into my mind and go into a daydream like state until my alters time is up. I call this a brain break because I def get to take a break from my brain.

I recently started allowing my alters to come out if they earn stars on a behavioral chart. If they listen and don’t disrupt my time then they get a star but I can also take stars away if they don’t act in an appropriate manner. Yeah, I basically bribe my alters much of the time because it works.

My alters are finally listening to me and a part of me is learning sign language. I think this is one of the times when I realize my life is pretty awesome.


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