I watched the sun set on the bay. I saw the vibrant colors that seemed to get more beautiful as time passed. I felt purely present in that moment. And I was able to take in everything that encompassed it, being purely and organically there.

Moments like those are ones that I am able to hold on to for a few days. I have an amazing memory that allows me to slow down and take in all the details.

The point where I am in my life right now is a magnificent one.

I can feel that some portions of myself are healed.  For the first time-(in forever), I know that just because it’s a certain season my life doesn’t have the crumble in to pieces. If I have a rough day in the fall, it doesn’t mean anything because I am not perfect. I know that I am doing the best I can which is all I can do.

My little buddy C made a list of things that she wants to do instead of being triggered during the fall. This alter enjoys making lists of her top favorite things which, can vary from favorite breakfast cereals, super heroes and real life people to watch. The randomness of C never surprises me and I find it endearing and adorable. I write a lot about C because this alter has helped me to love myself now and in the past. Listening to C was somewhat similar to watching a sunset because C allows me to be in the moment. The incredible genuine personality that C has allows me to see that healing is possible and it is happening everyday. It is truly great to be alive.


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