Happy Birthday Blog

September marks the 3 year make since I started my blog. When I wrote my first post on September 18th 2009 at 4:27am I had no idea the impact that my blog would have on my healing.

Within the archives of my blog I am able to see the change of my life. I grew as a blogger, writer and a person since 2009.

I think that blogging helped me to connect with others when I wasn’t sure how to connect in real life. Healing can be at times a very lonely space to occupy. There is something about words that are so powerful. Even if the words that I write on here are never spoken aloud- the feeling that I get each time I publish a blog post is undescribable. I get at release my words, my pain and my memories out into the universe.

Blogging has helped me to express myself which is something I had lacked during my childhood. I know this because my young alters used to hate crayons because they signify expression. One of my newest alters is unable to see color due to the inability to express any type of feelings.

I think one of the coolest things about my blog is the comments I get from my readers. The comments always seem to come at the best times and they always make my day. I even made a few friends through this blog- one that I talk to everyday and she is my personal cheerleader. Constantly encouraging me to keep push through the rough patches and she celebrates my everyday victories :)

Blogging is like nothing else. I love it and these 3 years have been amazing. Thanks to my readers and my fellow blogger buddies who continue to fight with me everyday.

Happy Birthday Blog!


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