Lizard Catching

The simplest things may be the most difficult to explain. I realized this today as I was defining patience to my 5 year old cousin. He was attempting to catch a lizard but he was unsuccessful due to his impatience.

I explained to him that he need to be real patient but it made no sense to him because he didn’t know what that word meant. It took me a good 15 mins of explanation for him to understand. But then it hit me that him and I understand things at a different level from each other. But the real truth is that my 5y/o cousin and I live life in two different worlds.

I realized that my alters and I have a similar disconnect because we understand things and all different kinds of levels. Sometimes my alters understand life but sometimes they have no idea what simple words or concepts are especially sarcasm.

But just as I explained to my 5 y/o cousin we need to have patience. Which sometimes means not having instant results because your not going to catch a lizard everyday or every time you attempted but the act will make you a better lizard catcher. That is if lizard catching is your thing :)


4 thoughts on “Lizard Catching

  1. Can I ask a question? How do you know that you have alters? What is the internal experience of it?

    The reason I ask is that a therapist who was treating me for cPTSD told me that I must have DID as a result of the childhood abuse I was subjected to, but I’m not aware of the presence of any alters. I also don’t lose passages of time or have people know me where I don’t know them.

    Hope that makes sense….

  2. I loved the lizard catching analogy … sometimes it feels funny to me to think, but I really want to have things “all figured out” nice and tidy “IMMEDIATELY” Figuring now it would take patience to catch lizards. I remember going to Wyoming for Girl scouts one year. We spent a good amount of time on the rock catching lizards. Thanks for this ‘ol memory back. It sure helped when you could see their perspective … like is there anything better in life then sunning self? Hehehe

    Our best,

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