Future T-Rex

I find it entertaining when my I listen to my alters talk during sessions. They say random childlike things that are unrealistic but too adorable to correct.

My alters are starting to realize and understand that they (we) are going to have a future so they are making plans and life goals.

One of my alters said that they are having a hard time deciding what they want to be when they grow up. My T asked them why and they replied “I can’t decide if I want to be a T- Rex or a monkey or an olympian”.

I think it’s pretty cute and I agree that would be a hard thing to decide.

Knowing that a future exists has been uncomfortable at times because I was not expecting myself to be to this level of healthiness. But I have and I have so many choices and I am making plans as well- maybe not the same plans as my alters but something like that.

I know that each portion of this journey allows me to heal and learn about myself. I know that I may never be healed in the past tense but I think that living well and free is good enough for me. And like my T said – when I am done with therapy I will be as strong as a T-Rex…so I guess in a way my alters can grow up to be a dinosaur.


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