Randomness Defines My Life

I have a random thought the other day, which is a rather typical occurrence for me because being randomness defines my life. Trauma therapy is like nothing else- it’s both rewarding and heartbreaking, there are days when the journey helps you to love and value life but on other days you question why life truly exists.

I now understand why trauma therapy is so heavy, it is because I (we) pushed everything do so far that going through my memories is similar to looking for a buried treasure without a map.

I think that there is a true art and finesse to navigating through the journey of trauma therapy. I think being patient with yourself can go a long way. I didn’t learn to be patient for quite a long time and even now I forget but it is because I know how good being healthy feels. It is like nothing else- communicating with others in a healthy way.

Sometimes I forget that I have DID because I have such normalcy in my life. And yes, I did just call myself “normal” because I’m starting to realize that I am healthier than many people because trauma therapy has made me so in touch with myself. I have one person who is dedicated to me for 90 minutes weekly advocating for me which is something that I never experienced before therapy.

With this said I think that trauma therapy should be considered an Olympic sport because it is truly an athletic activity. The mental energy needed surpasses the physical energy needed to swim, run or bike.  I recently learned that Olympic athletes all have therapists so I think we may have them beat in hours spent in therapy.


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