Some really random facts

I have written almost 300 posts on this blog over the course of 3 years. Even though, I share a very personal side of my life with my readers, I feel that I don’t share much about who I am. About a year ago, I wrote a similar post where I listed facts about my real life.

I have met a ton of people through my blog. A few people I have developed rather close relationships with and I connect with these people everyday. But when I read other peoples blogs I always wonder what are they like in real life, there is an anonymous distance that I know, has to exist for safety reasons but I still wonder. So this post is for my readers out there who wonder what I am like in real life, I’m not sure if this will explain my life but nonetheless, enjoy these random facts about my silly little life :)

I enjoy re-arranging furniture.

I am vertically challenged.

My favorite color is green.

I am in a hair growing contest with my friend. ( well, it didn’t start out as a contest)

I am really competitive.

I sleep with a baby blanket because I enjoy how it feels.

I check my closets and under my bed for serial killers every night before I go to sleep.

I am an expert in freshwater fish.

I have a photographic memory.

I have 4 tattoos- soon to be 5 :)

I love the smell of a brand new book.

I am a neat freak, but sometimes I enjoy throwing garbage on my floor.

I am a funny person.

I swim in the ocean in the winter.

I have an obsession with really cool socks.

I am a creature of habit.

If I enjoy a song, I listen to it on repeat until I don’t like it anymore.

I am afraid of the dark.

I like kids more than adults.

The snail in my fish tank is preggo.

I met one of my best buddies through my blog :)

I really like trees.


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