Priority Shift

I have had quite a productive summer this far. I know that it just officially started but I have been in summer mode since the end of May. I am taking 2 summer classes, which have one week left, these classes have been intense but I am really enjoying them.

I realized something while taking these two 6 week classes. I used to go to therapy in the middle of the week, which I thought was a good idea. But the kind of work that I am doing right now in therapy, going in the middle of the week along with school is not the best idea.

Therapy is a lot of work along with school but where I am in my life right now, therapy does not need to be my main priority. I realize that I can survive without therapy for a week if I have a lot of schoolwork. My alters can wait, I understand that at times they get impatient because they want to do things like climb trees but I have my entire life to work on that stuff. School is not always going to be here and these opportunities are not going to always be here so I need to take advantage.

My alters waited until I was in my 20’s to make their true appearance so I think if they waited that long they can hold for a few days. I dedicate so much time to my alters everyday and I believe that is how progress happens. The small actions everyday actions help to anchor my alters in my present world. They (my alters) have something they have never had before…choices. They choose which world that they want to be in everyday. Some of them are still learning but I think all people still learn everyday with every moment that passes.

I know that this journey is changing me and right now, today, I can feel the positive changes. I think I have many posts on this blog that focus on some of the negative of my past but it’s the past and that’s well, past and over. My life isn’t bad right now and its really nice to be able to have education be my main priority because there was a time in the not so distant past that was not the case.

Along with my alters, I do have choices too. There is no reason why I need to rush or do everything at the same time, going slow and taking breaks is totally okay.


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