Strength of truth

There are many points in our lives that our strength is tested. When it feels like there is nothing else to do or say you just wait. Time heals and tells us things that we may have forgotten or are too afraid to see.

There comes a point when nothing can be done and you just have to ride out the pain that you fear. But there is a reason that you fear the pain because the truth is stronger than a lie. It is because of that strength that the truth always prevails.

With time, healing comes. Slowly but surely so you are told, to just wait. Just sit with all your fears and wait for the memories to pass. The minutes feel like hours when the memories take hold, it’s grip is ever so tight as you just try to stay in the present and out of the past.

The truth is strong and scary. Much of the time you feel as though you can’t take it one more minute. But then the memories start to fade and you can feel yourself breathing a breath that is in the present.


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