Conversations with C

I have this really funny alter that I have written about a few times but he likes to do really random things that I may never understand. I used to think that there was some hidden meaning behind his behavior but I have concluded that it is purely his personality.

He likes eating different kinds of breakfast cereal because he likes the way that they look inside of the dining hall. He doesn’t actually like to eat the cereal he just likes the taste of it.

This next part is really weird (I attempted to write interesting but auto correct kept changing it.) so anyway this alter part C enjoys tasting things. My T says that he’s trying to get a taste for my world. I thought it was funny but it’s true but recently he has been triggered by a newer programmed alter.

My little buddy C is really unsure of himself but I realize that his way of calming himself down is through tasting things. I have things that I unconsciously do to calm myself down. I am a very tactile person and I like to feel different texturized objects. My little buddy C knows that I do this but today he realized that he can do that too. When C tastes the world he picks up germs and enjoys to lick electronic things especially when he’s watching YouTube. My T and I have been trying to find a way to make C stop licking objects because of the germ factor. But he found a way all on his own today. This is the short random conversation I had with C.

C: when are we going to get cereal?
Me: Wednesday.
C: that’s a load of captain crap- I know it’s only Monday! I learned about the 7 dimensions of the week!
Me: that’s awesome but you still can’t have cereal till Wednesday. Besides your too messy.
C: you should give me some bribery.
Me: Nope.
C: how come you get to touch the world all 24 hours of the day and I have to wait until wednesday??
C:Wednesday is 72 hrs too long away. I need a bribery now.
C: why can’t I feel stuff like you do?
Me: You can- I already told you that 2 years ago.
C: oh yeah, you did. So is that my bribery?
Me: yup.

C is now feeling the world. It’s not huge but it’s one step closer to typical.


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