Triggered Tales of March

It was almost an instant feeling when March ended and April began yesterday. I slept for 12 hours last night because my insiders were finally calm enough for me to relax. It was such a nice feeling- rested today so that I could actually focus on my schoolwork.

Even though March felt incredibly long and difficult, I actually learned many things about myself. I made a list-, which is no particular order it is merely word vomit :)

  • I am defiantly stronger than I think I am.
  • Bribery doesn’t work during high trigger times because my alters are not always able to cooperate.
  • I am sensitive about being sensitive.
  • I have a really awesome person in my life right now (and she reads my blog).
  • I have emotions.
  • I’m thankful my brain and my heart are not connected.
  • I am getting better at controlling my flashbacks on my own.
  • I still have a ton to work on.
  • I’m more “normal” than most people.
  • If I am more active and run more during high trigger times the endorphins balance out my alters.
  • I get triggered when people are behind.
  • I get paranoid by old people in starbucks but they really aren’t there for me.
  • Suicide  is no longer an option and an instant thought for my alters.
  • My alters try to pet the fish in my fish tank.

Thanks to everyone for sending me your supportive words both online and in real life.


One thought on “Triggered Tales of March

  1. i usually come out of my seasonal funk mid-to end of april too. i am glad you can feel the changes already. this is a good list. i should do one of those myself sometime soon as i’ve been learning a lot about myself this year. it’s a marvelous idea.

    best wishes

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