Perspectives and Spell Check

It is really interesting how my life has recently been playing out. I am constantly confronted by many things from my past. And sometimes other peoples situation are symbolic of my journey- through other people I am finding that I am leaning about myself. I get to look at some very similar situations but I get a totally new perspective. I am on the other side this time- and I’m on the healthy side!

Even though I am dealing with these SRA memories- I am finally starting to appreciate where I am on my journey right now. I keep telling my therapist that I want to go faster because I want to be better yesterday. But she keeps telling me that I’m making good progress. But I feel like I’m going so slow because I don’t have as much time to process and think about my memories as I used to. I think that may be a positive- I am just enjoying and appreciating all the awesome things and people I have in my life. I think I am happy- or I think that I am at least close to what happy feels like.

I find that there are days where I still just don’t know- I sometimes feel so indecisive. But I think this is due to all the changes that are going on both externally and internally. Again I feel that this is a positive. I find that only’s go through this as well from time to time. I think that it may just be life- I almost just called myself “normal” :)

A side note- I don’t understand why spell check continues to not promote internal communication. In my world- (the multiple world) only’s is a word. And the words “my” and “insiders” do grammatically make sense in a sentence when placed next to each other. I defiantly want to make a multiple dictionary.


One thought on “Perspectives and Spell Check

  1. Hey Hope,

    One of us was out and told our therapist “We are doing good.” She said “I think you are doing good work.” We did tell her she needs to accept lower standards. Smile

    The we are doing good work and working hard stayed with us. We have just come to know we have been extremely successful. We did not choose this most difficult task.

    We have had success referring to programming as their programming. Meaning the programming was the programmers not ours.

    We can program our own brain and it is how we used to get things done. We do not anymore that was hard getting used to not doing.


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