Today I realized that I am the same as other humans. I often feel like I don’t belong and I am constantly asking people if singletons do “that” (pertaining to whatever it may be) too.

But the truth is all people are searching for the same thing. Everyone wants to feel love and be accepted by others.

Much of the time even now I block out other peoples love and I don’t ask others for even small things like a hug even when I really want or need one. Sometimes a hug is pretty healing and perfect. It’s a connection to others that I lack much of the time.

Living the life that I live is difficult. Sometimes I don’t know if this is real life. In all actuality my past isn’t life because as I am learning about what life truly is and having a life is something good and happy. Life is about choices and my past was the opposite of all the things I just listed.


5 thoughts on “Human

  1. It is encouraging for me to read this. Sometimes I wonder if there’s hope for me, to get PAST the past. I don’t think this is “real life” either. I think that what you said “having a life is something good and happy”, I think that is real life. I’m glad you can see that on the horizon. I hope to one day make it there too!
    Take Care,

    • I didn’t think I would ever have a “real life” either but I just started small and eventually my life slowly began to become something I wanted to actually live. Keep fighting and trust me it does get better. The process is hard much of the time but it pays off. I cannot even begin to tell you how many people told me that and I refused to believe them. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Hi,

    I think you are right. We all want to be loved and accepted.

    I used to say that I was like a dolly sitting on a shelf. And I didn’t want to do that anymore, I wanted a real life. Slowly my real life has come into my daily life. I know that it will continue to get better and better as I work on healing. I believe that for all of us.

    Good and healing thoughts to you.


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