Average Floating

Lately I have been realizing how um average I am- as a human being. I am flawed but who isn’t.

Most of the time I write these blog posts and I’m convinced that my words make no sense. But the more I write the more progress I am able to make. Through the posts of this blog I am growing as a person. I have something that I can look back on and realize that I have made progress.

I recently shared my blog with someone that I met at school. (This person is probably reading this right now) Ever since I shared my blog with this person I have this feeling of dare I say…normal. I can’t believe I just wrote that sentence but it’s true.

I am always so afraid of what people will think about the secret part(s) of my life that I have that it causes me to feel so different and disconnected from the world. I am on the earth but sometimes I’m merely floating right now.


2 thoughts on “Average Floating

  1. At least you can share your blog. I keep my private life so shut off from my social life that i sometimes wonder how i manage it! I like that many of my online friends are doing well this season!

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