I am a human being

The transition to life at school has been a difficult one. I have learned a ton about how uneducated some people are about mental health. I also think that those people who are blind to the idea about mental health actually may have mental health issues themselves.

I had an incident a few weeks back where I had a flashback in my campus housing. I was safe during and after and I took care of myself and even met with my therapist an extra day that particular week. So this brings me to last week. It’s the end of the semester and I am feeling a little stressed about exams and writing papers but nothing crazy is going on.

I have been doing an observation on an nature object for the entire semester and last week I came home to find that part of my project way dying. So I got upset and started to cry because I was frustrated. I worked so hard preserving my project and it looked as though I was going to lose it all the week before it was due. I was expressing normal human emotion by being upset by the almost death of my project.

My housemates pathologized my emotions and told my house mentor that I was acting “mental” and that she needed to intervene. When my house mentor knocked on my door, I had no idea why. But when she asked me if I needed her to call psych services I got very angry. I felt so discriminated against and I then realized that people are judging me because of my mental health incident that occurred a few weeks back.

To say I am frustrated would be an understatement. I am just so angry that people can not just see me as me. I am not a disorder. I am a human being-

I was talking to my friend who I met blogging about this and she said something so amazing and true. She said that if my housemates cannot see me as a person they are missing out on a lot. I have worked so hard to be where I am today. I gave up so much to become a mentally healthy person and I am about to give up anything else because of other peoples judgments.

I am a human being-


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