Last week I decided that I wanted to go to church. I had this feeling one morning that I was just ready. It is an unexplainable feeling.

I was brought up Roman Catholic and a lot of my abusive past is very entangled the traditional views and life of that church. As I started doing my healing work, I dismissed all ideas of a higher power because I was just so angry with myself, the world and everything around me. But now my life is very different and there are so many more choices and possibilities.

So last week I started going to a new age contemporary church that is more like a concert than a church service. In addition, the best part is that my alters aren’t triggered because it doesn’t look like a church. They still teach about the bible but in a very different way- in a way it is very easy for me to understand.

The pastor said that religion is about taking a risk. Realizing that God cannot take away your problems but he can just give peace or whatever else you need.  Religion is meant to be a choice and it’s a relationship that you have with God at whatever level you can.  Its exactly what I needed right now and I am so glad I took a risk.


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