New Alters

It’s kind of interesting how things work out sometimes. Just as I finished finals a new group of alters started to emerge.

I guess that now is an okay time for them to come out because I am in a place where I can devote lots of time doing therapy stuff. Nonetheless it feels overwhelming.

Previously when I started communicating with my alters I was doing it somewhat unconsciously. My alters would just talk to me in an intrusive manner. I tried to ignore them but it didn’t work.

So here I am almost 5 years later. Still working at this thing called internal communication.

I am having a hard time because I keep coming to the realization that these alters and all my alters are the same person. So these alters are really fragments of me and I experienced a lot of things that I shouldn’t have.

I get sad and I keep having to remember to breathe. I’m trying to just ride the wave that comes with getting to know these new alters.

Even though it’s difficult I know that so many multiples have experienced what I am going through right now. And in a way I am thankful for that-


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