I forget

At times, I am so consumed by the pain, the hurt and the sadness of my past. I forget why I wake up every morning. I cannot see beyond my superimposed memories some days. Because I forget…

I forget how thankful I am for the love that surrounds me every day- It is the love that helps pull me through. People do not even have to say the words I love you to feel it either. It can just be a feeling that you get when you talk to a person.

Some things in life you just cannot change.  It is unfair and unfortunate but eventually the homeostasis of life balances itself out- somewhat instantaneous.

At times, I look back on my life and just breathe. A sigh of relief that I have the strength to carry on. The worst feeling in the world is feeling that you cannot go on because the pain is too great. It pain cuts through your heart like a knife.

It is an indescribable feeling but those who have experienced it- just know. The silent lonely battle that so many are forced to undertake all alone.

I am thankful that even though I still fight that battle every day- I do not do it alone.


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