I wanted this

I have accomplished so many things that I wanted to do. I wanted to move out of my parents house more than anything.

In the fall I will be moving to my new school to complete my undergrad degree. It’s exactly what I wanted.

I wanted this. Now I have it and all I can think about are ways to sabotage the one thing I have wanted for so long.

I am so afraid and there is a possibility that I could fail at being on my own. I am leaving my job because it’s just not going to work.

I have the one thing I have wanted for so long but it feels so wrong to get the things I want. I worked hard to get here but it doesn’t feel right.


2 thoughts on “I wanted this

  1. Humans sabotage themselves because that’s a safe way of continuing on with something that is familiar and “easy”. I never thot I could be on my own, earning my own money and buying my own house, but I’m so glad I took that first step out of my comfort zone. Don’t be afraid of failing – be afraid of not trying.

  2. I struggled with that same thing right before I graduated. I feel that way every time I’m about to accomplish or finish something I’ve worked hard for and right after I accomplish it. It’s okay to be afraid of that possibility of failing, but don’t let it ruin the great things you have accomplished and are about to accomplish. You’re amazing. You’ve worked so hard. You deserve to enjoy this moment in your life!

    Remember, we’re all cheering for you :)


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