I wonder when the sadness will go away and when I won’t be affected by holidays. I keep telling myself that it is just “a day” but it’s my body that reacts.

It’s frustrating because I have tons of great things going on in my life right now but I am still affected by my past.

My alters don’t understand the concept of time- to them time stands still. I am slowly letting them be in the real world but they say a lot of inappropriate things. But to them it’s not inappropriate and they get angry that they are sometimes not allowed to speak in public.

Some days I wake up and I am just sad. It’s a lot to do everyday. I wish I could cry but right now I can’t.


8 thoughts on “Body

  1. Hi. I happened to stumble across your blog somehow when I was searching for something else and was totally surprised to find you were writing about your journey to heal, including having to find your way through DID/MPD, which just so happens to be the same path I’m on at the moment. I found your blog to be quite honest and inspiring…I was wondering, is there a way to make an archive of past posts show up? I’m probably just not pressing the right buttons or something.

      • Hi,

        Yes wordpress has that. You can add an archive by going to site stats, on the left had side of the screen, scroll down to appearance, click onto widgets, click onto archives and drag over to the left hand side of the screen, under the title sidebar, release the archives under sidebar, and then click onto the arrow next to the word archives, this is where I have a dropdown archive. There are two types I think, you click onto what you want. Hope that helps.


  2. Thanks for explaining Kate, and thanks for putting the the archives up Hope! Read all your posts! I admire your strength and courage…takes a lot to keep wading through the pain, to find the strength to keep going on those days you just don’t see the point anymore.

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