Dear Alters…

Dear Alters,
I know that in the past I stuffed you down and pretended you weren’t real. I tried to tune you out but it only made you all push forward harder. I was really mean to you guys because I was scared- I was scared of what you represent. Ever since you guys came out my life makes some sort of sense.

But I’m here to say that I’m sorry really sorry- that I pretended that you weren’t real. I am so sorry that people hurt your body well its actually everyones body- we kind of share it. Sorry if you don’t like that- but the body doesn’t look that bad right now so your in luck.

Nonetheless, I want to listen now to every single one of you-I was not ready before but now I’m here and I’m listening. I promise that I won’t ignore you anymore. I was just afraid because I didn’t know what was going on but now- now I know that you exist and you all want to be heard. And I hear you everyone of you -I’m here for all of you guys. I know what it feels like to be ignored and it doesn’t feel good.

I just need one thing from you guys- I need you to go slow. Because I’m new at this and I learn more about you guys everyday. I am going to hear everyone I promise but there’s more of you then me. I can’t listen to everyone all at once- so one person at a time please. I’m ready to listen now.


3 thoughts on “Dear Alters…

  1. Good post. I can relate to ignoring your alters, and to being confused when they all want their time at once. I have only eleven alters so a relatively small system, but I tend to be overwhelmed by all of the talking at the same time, too. I’m wishing you strength in the journey of learning to communicate with and listen to your alters.

  2. I love the way you have come to a place where you can acknowledge your alters and give them space to be heard, but also that you are drawing these boundaries. I think that is so important.

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