March Blog Carnival

I am hosting the blog carnival against child abuse for the month of March.  Blog carnivals are one of my favorite things to read and each moth I look forward to it. I am excited to be finally able to host one on my blog :)

The theme is going to be “springtime” -cliché I know. Nevertheless, I want to focus on the word “spring” itself as an adjective. How does one move forward and recreate their reality? How can you spring forward when the pull is nothing but backward?  Moreover, how do you know when it is ok to just take a break from springing forward and embrace where you are?

There are also going to be the usually categories: Advocacy and Awareness, Aftermath, Art Therapy, Healing & Therapy, In the news, Poetry and Survivor Stories.

I am looking forward to reading a lot of submissions this month. Be creative and use whatever medium you choose to express yourself. The deadline for submissions is Wednesday March 23rd.


3 thoughts on “March Blog Carnival

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