I am learning how to switch from one alter to another. Actually, they already know how to do that but what they do not know is timing. And timing is everything so I hear…

For me switching is painful. There is a part where two alters are passing is the hardest.

My system is divided into two teams.  Team A is the more practical active parts who interact with the world in 2011. Team B is the parts that are very much stuck in the past.

Currently I am switching from parts on Team A to parts on Team B. However, parts on Team B like to torture parts on Team A. Needless to say it is causing unneeded chaos.

I am all about rules are order and so are they but it is very different. Team B’s rules are unconscious and they do not actually know that they are functioning around rules- they just do things because that is what they do. Team A’s rules are more clear cut and rigid. An only may define this as being a control freak but it just helps everyone to maintain structure and order.

I am convincing myself that there will be some kind of balance eventually. To be perfectly honest I do not know how that will be possible. They live in two different worlds and I am afraid if maybe some type of integration does occur it will only cause more chaos.

I kept pushing Team B down until I could not any longer. The problem with their team is that their jobs are not doable in 2011. Changing jobs has been presented to them several times- some alters on Team B want a new job because they are bored. A younger alter on Team B wants their new job to be vacation- that would be the coolest job ever. I could use a vacation…



2 thoughts on “Vacation…

  1. Getting strong internal communication and coordination takes time, but it sounds like you are beginning. It is a common struggle to have “present time parts” at odds with “past time parts”. Whether they ever “integrate” or not, it sounds like it would be helpful to you if they could work together and cooperate better. Just keep trying and when you present it to them, always present each sides benefit to it.

  2. A vacation job sounds so great. I want one of those too.

    I wanted to say that it might be possible for the two worlds to overlap, like two circles that meet and overlap, creating a new space, where they can communicate about the two worlds. It might help, especially for team b and in the end team a as well because the torment usually goes down when there is more communication and overlap among the differing groups.

    Good and healing thoughts to you.


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