My alters need a dictionary

I have been working hard on internal communication but for some reason it seems to be working against me. I have two separate sets of alters one sets jobs are no longer (set A) needed and the other sets job are in the current day life (set B).

We are attempting to let set A see what 2011 looks like and what typical boring people do every day. Set A does not know anything about the outside world. Set A uses many words that they do not know the definition of. However, certain words cause reactions in some parts in set B.

We just started our last semester at our school and the parts have been very active. We have to constantly tell the parts in set A what words mean and that right now is not the best time to be out of they are not helping the whole person to perform a task.

I forgot that these parts are stuck at a young age. They do not know the meaning of the word compromise, quiet, job. Therefore, it was as if I was speaking a different language to the parts in set A.

I totally understand the disconnection now but it does not help me much when I am in math class and they want to know what the word integer means.



5 thoughts on “My alters need a dictionary

  1. I had to smile when I read this. I’ve been exeriencing this for several years now. My therapist says the youngest ones are beginning to “grow”. They are curious and often interrupt at my job, leaving me explaining things like, “I’ve got a headache”, “I’ve got the hicupps”, etc. Sometimes, they are downright hilarious. Good luck with the communications, it’s sometimes tiring and difficult.

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  3. I’m sorry, that would be very difficult. Can you have a meeting with them, perhaps with someone like a therapist, and ask them to agree to wait until later for definitions? Also is it possible for some people inside who have the answers to start setting up a common usage knowledge area in the system, like a room with a computer screen, where they can go and get all their questions answered? I know that might take some time, but after I/we did it, we had a lot stuff that we didn’t have to teach one another. Most inners, especially kids, don’t know how to write or type well, but they learned in the system through our shared knowledge room, which can also be watched on a screen, in their own private rooms. I didn’t know how to create this, but in the system it was figured out. It might take some time, but in the long run works good, I think.

    Good and healing thoughts to you.


  4. For me, what I find is that some parts need a new definition. When their jobs are no longer needed, the message I find I must send them is that we must find a new job or a new role or a new way to help other parts. The key here is to not devalue the parts or make them feel unwanted or unneeded. This is the natural process of healing. And, yes, as you say the answer is through communication. The more communication you have, the more these answers will be revealed and resolved.

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