Human Darkness

I have had a rough week. I went into a place that felt all to familiar. It’s a place where there is no air to breathe. Everything is dark, there is nothing to look forward to and my heart is in a constant state of hurt. There is no love in this such place only the feeling of hate towards myself and my body.

I wished I would never cross that path again- but it did happen. I was paralyzed by my feeling unable to move. I could feel the closeness of death- a death I freely accepted because I truly just needed a break.

I forget how to breathe. I lose my way because all I can see and feel is a heavy deep darkness.

My previous encounter with darkness was before I was somewhat connected to my body. And I have to say that the darkness was harder to fight now because I am more self aware. Sure I can still dissociate my feelings but something about feeling drives me to stay present. It’s a sense of being alive and human.


2 thoughts on “Human Darkness

  1. i beleve that all things start with darknes pure shadow and it is a home to so many of us espeshaly me i know in the times of old the moon was said to be the power of darkness but also the same people called the moon truth all truth lies in darkness and so douse the truth of the human heart in knowing this i have submerge my self in darkness and found the truth that we live only to die or is it that we die only to live “from darkness we come and to darkness we will return” dont dwell on your darkness becous it will only consume you as it has me

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