Small Acts…

A certain sequence of events continually occurs in my life almost every day.  It makes me so aware of the good within every day and everything.

When I lose my way, something always brings me back it could be something as small as people’s eye contact. Every time I feel like I cannot go on something happens that gives me the will to stay.  Every time I lose a friend, I gain a new one.

I recently had to make many significant life decisions, everything eventually worked out, and I am moving on. Nevertheless, It reminded me how much of a grownup I truly am, even though most of my alters are very far away from adult hood.

My abuser still lives and it is okay. I cannot spend my life waiting around for her to die because it becomes all to consuming. I know that she will die eventually because it is the natural progression of life. People do die and karma does exist. Whenever it happens, it will be okay because I am and have been ready for quite some time now.

I recently started mentoring a child. It is something I have wanted to do for most of my life. Now I am finally able to give back and it does feel amazing.

Many people lose their way. And it is the little things that bring them back to the true meaning of life no matter how small. The quote on the side of my blog has resonated within my life for the past year or so and it is something everyone should live by.



One thought on “Small Acts…

  1. I had not thought of the small act thing. I want big events. As I ponder it I wonder if I get to where the small act is not enough, meaning I miss it.

    I was driving the other day an there was a most beautiful snow fall from the night before. I had been driving 15 min before I noticed. How does that happen that you can walk out in a beautiful snowfall and not know it?

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