Liberated by the lies

I saw you lie today. Inside your twisted little mind, it makes perfect sense. The truth does not exist because you live with your eyes closed. You think you know all the answers but you actually have a lot to learn in many aspects of life especially parenting.

I do not believe that you will ever be able to realize how much of an awesome person that I have become. Many people love me but because you are sick, you may forever be unable to show me the love that I deserved all along in my life.

Parents can only dream of a daughter like me. I am intelligent, funny, and healthy. I work hard in everything I do.

I was hurt because your eyes were mentally closed as were your heart.  However, I have forgiven you because I know that you were and still are very sick.

Nevertheless, today when I saw how easy it was for you to lie I felt an eerie familiar feeling, the same feeling as when you left us in the clutches of the perpetrators who you knew was dangerous.

Even though it felt the same, it was very different. Today when you lied, I realized that I do not have to be the little kid anymore. You can lie and I will still be safe. I am no longer trapped by the dishonesty of the life you live.

I am liberated because the truth has set me free.


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