A Special Place

Today was one of the best days I have had in quite a long time. It was a snow day where I live and all the schools were closed so I had to work. The kids I babysit for have become more like my siblings because I do spend so much time with them.

They have helped me grow emotionally so much. They teach me something new every day and I have positively changed since they entered my life. They love and hug and it is acceptable to be intelligent at their house- actually its encouraged to be smart.

Last week we were having an intellectual conversation about birth order and we were talking about how middle children get lost in their families. In addition, about how gender plays a role etc. Ok so the birth/ gender order of my family is girl-girl-boy. Their mom was explaining to them about how if the birth/gender order was different middle children have a deeper presents in their family without getting lost.

The younger child understood and he said well “Hope has a special place in our house”. And his mom responded “yes a very special place”.


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