Not the same old song and dance

Music helps me. There have been many times even now- that I am unable to verbalize or put words to what I am actually feeling.  There was a time when I would use music to cause harm to my body and to bring out negative feeling and parts.

I recently listened to a song that made me remember the time when music was not a positive thing. The song is about self-inflicted things.

The lyrics were the same but it felt as though I was listening to a very different song. I did not resonate with those words anymore. As I heard the words about being unloved and worthless, I could not relate and I was no longer connected to that song. Right now, I have so much love in my life from people all around me.

The only thing that I could think about was during that three-minute song was how much I have changed. I am mentally healthy and I can think somewhat clearly now. When it is a bad day, I do not listen to those sad songs on my iPod. Nope, I rock out to upbeat songs on my iPod as I am running.

It is awesome how time changes so many things.


2 thoughts on “Not the same old song and dance

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