Random post

I wish that I could let people who read my blog know about my life. Because of security reasons I with hold a lot of information that I would otherwise like to share.

However, here are some things that people may not know about me. I act like a child almost 24/7, not because I have child parts just because that is who I am. I am silly and I am very athletic. I like climbing trees. I have a sock obsession- I have tons of cool socks that mostly are from target but not all.

I am graduating from college in May and I do not have a plan for fall 2011. I have a brother and a sister. I am a control freak and I love Clorox wipes, which I think sometimes goes hand and hand. I can write papers in my head. I have a part that has a photographic memory.

I am allergic to fruits with skin and I used to be lactose-intolerant but I somehow grew out of that. I love my itouch- I use it more than I breathe-literally.

I am not as good at verbalizing my thoughts- I look better on paper :) I never use pens I am a pencil person- the eraser makes it feel less permanent. Oh and I am very bad at spelling. My brain thinks faster than I type so I constantly forget words like at or of. I like Chapstick a lot.

This had been a very random post and it was kind of nice to write.


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