Food- Lame title I know

For as long as I can remember, I have had issues surrounding food. I was never diagnosed with an eating disorder but food would paralyze me from a very young age. Texture was my main issue; I could not stand having certain texture in my mouth.

When I was very young, I remember never chewing anything. I would just swallow everything because I hated that phase of food being inside my mouth for any period of time. I choked a few times because of the not chewing thing but other than that, it worked well.

I always tried to find a way around my food issues but the older I became the food related issues increased. First, it was the color of foods- I was not aware of this at the time but one of my parts is colorblind.  So this part would come out and we could eat.

So then there was the issues surrounding liquids- milk, water, juice. For nearly a year, we protested drinking fluids. Constantly dehydrated- because we did not want anything foreign inside our body. We never really found a way around this one- it was more of we hated getting IV’s.

Now we are an adult-well most days we are adult. However, we still have trouble with food. Texture is a huge issue presently and we are unable to taste food inside our mouth. It may be a similar feeling to not having taste buds. I do not know if that is an accurate description because I have never been able to taste food.

Only one food has ever tasted refreshing to me and that is sushi. I am really not sure why.


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